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TDL created TDL Music Group as a Consultant to get artists to the right industry people. TDL is a company devoted to working with dedicated hard working indie bands and film artists to help them realize and attain their goals. TDL is very pleased to be working with a large number of hard working Artist's, Musicians, Producers, Director's and film industry Resources.

TD Lane is a business coach, consultant. She has spent over 40+ years working with a wide range of Artist's as well as music industry professionals, helping them get focused and energized. Their clients are based all over the world including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom Russia and Australia. TDL's mission is to help people achieve greater success in the music business by working smarter and not taking the longer harder road.

Focusing on developing and fine tuning artists into successful accomplished professionals in the entertainment industry and has been serving the community since 1980. Located in across Canada with our head office in Toronto/Mississauga Area in Ontario, Canada. With their expertise in artist development, music production, throughout the entertainment industry.   TDL is proud of her  associates at The Rich Media Agency (UK),   and REVELATION STUDIOS (Australia) as we look forward to the coming year

Media Kit & Marketing

  • Creation & Development of Media Kit  (Containing bios,  photos,  demos, etc.
  • PR and Marketing (Press release, announcements, events, circulation  and distribution of media kits).
  • Leveraged industry networking, targeted marketing and sourcing within our available contacts. (Industry vendors, production,  membership  groups,  etc).
  • Website evaluation and  promotion.

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