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TDL Music Group has partnered with Revelation Studios, in Brisbaine Australia.




Revelation Studios is a world class independent feature film production company. It has access to the best Australian crews and 35 mm film and digital production facilities. Services include everything from location management, set building and camera hire, to soundtrack recording, digital editing and Technicolor mastering. The company will soon make available to international co-producing partners, a full sound stage with cameras and all other production equipment.
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A montage of modern human existence.

The bad. We see the way we really are.

Creating starvation and the suffering from.

Ordering genocide and being the cleansed.

Financing poverty to drive financial ruin.

Polluting.    Selfish and greedy.

 As the Earth spins it takes its turn after centuries of watching our species unfold.A scar across its face.It needn’t roll the dice as it holds all the cards, and we pay.

What we call disaster, The Earth exposes so naturally. Adding to the self inflicted devastation, the Earth acts globally, and we are almost gone.     Almost.

Self preservation has strength and the remaining survivors of human kind grow and build. Most prey on each other to continue the inevitable path of self destruction.

Within the survivors are some who work to force mankind into a better race.

But one who losses all over and over runs the race to rebuild humanity where choices are once again for each and every individual to choose. Through an unwanted transformation, Manchine evolves to continue the evolution of mankind.

Simon Dye     2010



FINNY HAWKER    -  Synopsis

Finny is a high-spirited 11year old with an impressive catalogue of snorts – 33 to date. Her world has just been turned upside down. Her parents have disappeared and left her and her brother deep in the Australian bush in the perilous care of their Mad Grandma Milly.

One morning while trying to complete another of Mad Milly’s bizarre tasks, Finny has a near death experience that not only enables her to see fairies, which she doesn’t believe in, but also changes her eyes to a brilliant emerald green.

Finny is suddenly propelled into the world of Earth Keepers; a secret, magical society that spans the globe taking care of the environment; whose current concern is the mass beaching of whales. Mad Milly (a well respected elder) takes Finny to Elhaz Lamu the Earth Keepers home world in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle.

On Elhaz Finny is required to participate in an initiation and Spring Equinox celebration. She also begins to learn more about her family history and destiny, and discovers that she is the youngest Off World Earth keeper ever – a fact that not everyone is thrilled about – not to mention her new eyesight causing her to keel over at any opportunity.

In one of the ceremonies, on the floor of an ancient temple, Finny finds her first clue to her parent’s disappearance – her mother’s pendant. She is now thrust even deeper into an alien world of unfamiliar laws, magical beings and ancient cultures.

With the help of some new friends Finny begins to unravel the mystery surrounding her parents and embarks on an adventure that leads all the way to the sunken city of Atlantis. She and her companions not only break all convention and go it alone but they also solve the mystery of the whales. 

But do they find Finny’s parents? Well lets just say that they do find undeniable proof that they are still alive but as for the new clues… that might lead Finny and her friends on a whole new adventure.

Finny Hawker is a young adult fantasy/rite of passage novel, approximately 60, 000 words in length adapted to screen play. It is the first or a four Book/ Movie Plan.

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